I am Vaccinated

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Nowadays, when someone is standing close to you in line or perhaps walking toward you on a tight hiking trail, there can be a lot of questions running through your head.


Questions like, “Is that person vaccinated?” “How do they know I’m vaccinated?” “And should I still give them more-than-ample space to pass?”


Now, thanks to a new line of casual apparel with a friendly “#vaxxed” or “I am Vaccinated” logo, people can easily get the quick visual message that you’re vaccinated.


The idea came to the founder of when hiking out West. While on a beautiful mountain trail, she found herself having numerous, polite conversations with strangers about whether she or they had been vaccinated, Or whether she needed to make room on the trail while passing, even scramble off-trail to temporarily social distance.


She thought, “If I just had on a hat or t-shirt that said ‘I am vaccinated,’ this easy solution would get the message across loud and clear, perhaps helping others feel more comfortable.” 

A lightbulb went off. And with help from a Northwest-based marketing agency with experience in casual apparel wear and swag, was born virtually overnight. Made and shipped directly to consumers by a reputable, U.S-based vendor, the t-shirts, hats, water bottles, coffee mugs and more can now be found online. Shirts and sweatshirts come in various styles and are available in adult and kids’ sizes.


Of note, wearing apparel that states one has been vaccinated does not prevent the spread of COVID-19. It also does not reduce the odds of both contracting the virus or developing symptoms. 


Wearing the apparel is not intended to be a judgment on whether it’s good or bad to get the vaccine—it’s a personal choice. That said, vaxxmerch is just a tool to tell people who might be coming toward you, sitting next to you, wanting to ride alongside you, or simply be near you that yes, “I am Vaccinated.” 

Buy today, and our founder will donate 10% of her profits toward Doctors Without Borders, which has been providing relief Covid-19 response and relief efforts worldwide.